Welcome to TechieCook.com, this site is maintained by Alok Mishra and views / opinions in this post are mine and not my employers

I have been a programmer since 1990s with the desire to build things of value for the people around me and my journey has taken me into the world of software architecture – specifically Distributed Software Architecture which is the underpinning of modern enterprise and web systems

I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science and specialise in the area of Distributed software, i.e software that runs in a networked environment and requires communication with other software

Distributed software presents interesting challenges in communication, information complexity and relates to how to orient teams to build better distributed software. My goal is to apply my experience and literature (E+L) to produce something of value to my community and give back

I apply my degree in computing with my experience in building networked software to create products that people will love

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  1. Tom Smith says:

    Alok, would you like to share your blog posts on DZone.com as a “Most Valuable Blogger?” If so, let me know an email address where I can send additional information. Thank you.


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