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Sun Certified Enterprise Architect For J2EE Technology Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Pro Spring 2.5 Wicked Cool Java more here…..More

Create tables in MySQL using JDev

Steps: Setup MySQL Setup JDev Create a new JDev Application Create a new Database Diagram with a sample Table Add columns to the table Create a database connection from JDev to MySQL and Publish the Table to MySQL Note:  Put the mysql-connector-java-3.1.14-bin.jar in the lib path (JDEV or JDK) to avoid Driver Not Found type…More

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Hey!!! Techiecook is ALIVE! Wohoooooo!!! So what’s in this blog? Recipes Code Tech talks And very random walks through my thought patterns we will post in this blog – stuff about Food and Technology and whatever comes to our mind! Alright! Say, did you know that “Kokum” is not the same as “Mace” ? Well…More