ORABPEL-10555 Identity Service Configuration error

  Got this error when trying to assign a user a task in Oracle SOA Suite 11g’s “Human Task” component. When you open up the task and goto the “Assignment” section, open up the “Identity Lookup” wizard and connect to your local application server connection- it should populate the security “Realm” (For example: jazn forContinue reading “ORABPEL-10555 Identity Service Configuration error”

Oracle SOA 11g Install – RCU Issues

Introduction: During the installation of Oracle SOA Suite 11g, we saw errors related to a DRIVER_INFO error.   Searching on the web revealed that this could be a RCU issue … however attempts to uninstall and reinstall the RCU Schemas caused nothing but more pain (errors related to missing Metadata repository, having to manually configure theContinue reading “Oracle SOA 11g Install – RCU Issues”

Weblogic – where do I put my JDBC Driver lib?

Introduction: We will walk through a quick example of how to resolve “weblogic.common.resourcepool.ResourceSystemException: Cannot load driver class:” errors and learn where to install the JDBC driver libraries to fix runtime issues. Background: I was playing with ADF samples and had a database connection to a MySQL instance. This was achieved by adding the MySQL-Connector libraryContinue reading “Weblogic – where do I put my JDBC Driver lib?”

Creating Root Application Module Instance – Oracle ADF

Introduction: When developing ADF Business Components, we might need a handle to an Application Module (AM) instance. I have used the AM instance in the past to a) invoke the methods on the Application Module for testing – think quick and dirty Java main for validating configuration is okay or for debugging through the methodContinue reading “Creating Root Application Module Instance – Oracle ADF”

SQL Developer – Date Format

You are on SQL Developer and have a date-time column, you run a query and it only displays the date. You could do a “to_char(mydatefield,’MM/DD/YYYY hh24:mi:ss’) ” but then you will have to do it for ALL date fields and change all your saved queries. You wish there was something in SQL-Developer that would applyContinue reading “SQL Developer – Date Format”

Java Maps – Complex Key Example

…so someone asked me today about Java Maps, Oracle Coherence and using complex keys i.e. non-string keys.   The easy part is in declaring your Collection object and storing the value using the complex key object. The tricky part is when you need to get the value back from the map using the complex key. YouContinue reading “Java Maps – Complex Key Example”

Java – Useful high level information and links

Latest Release Notes: Link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/releasenotes-136954.html For a less cryptic, more detailed view of the what’s in the latest build of Java’s Standard Edition (JDK and JRE) Root: http://download.oracle.com/javase/ So for Java Standard Edition 6 – The details of what’s on the platform is at the following link ….  It is a great starting point forContinue reading “Java – Useful high level information and links”

Using Range Paging in ADF – an example

Introduction: We recently had a requirement for loading large chunks on data from Oracle table into a background process using Java and ADF framework.  We were not allowed to use “straight” SQL and had to stick to ADF framework!  It took a little bit of time to understand how range paging worked – you see,Continue reading “Using Range Paging in ADF – an example”